Monday, March 29, 2010

Yes, it's Me!

One person in particular has told me over the phone that this is NOT Karl.

It in fact, is.

Just clearing that up, and if you have your doubts, visit my MySpace or Twitter.

You can see my Twitter account to the left.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

iPhone/iPod Touch App Reviews.

From now on, I have decided to do iPhone app reviews on this blog as well.

First of all, they will only (mostly) be the El Cheapo apps, some of them free.

Please keep yourself up to date on my blog!


Yes, I Social Network.


If you would like to see my randomness, or wanna be my friend, you can follow my Twitter, or check my Windows Live. You can find my Twitter link to the left. If you would like my MySpace, follow the link below.

Add me as a friend, I want to get to know you!

What I'm Listening To

Hello, readers.

Just a heads up, at the end of each post I may put what I'm listening to via FoxyTunes.

FoxyTunes is a useful Firefox addon which allows you to post what you're listening to to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, and more. If you would like to download this awesome addon, visit the URL below. You must have Firefox to have this addon.

Hello, welcome to my blog!

This is my blog, made by me, Nexus! (or Karl). Please read through my future blogs, it will keep you up to date with lots of random and funny stuff. Thanks for reading!